Advantages and uses of horizontal dryers

- Sep 15, 2018-

The horizontal dryer has compact and reasonable structural design, saves space, and has stable and reliable performance, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency. The horizontal dryer has good drying effect on materials, and it is easy to realize automatic control and less operators.


During use of the horizontal dryer, the material to be dried is first transported to the hopper by a conveyor or a hoist and is fed by the feed port. The main body of the drum dryer is a slightly inclined and rotatable cylinder. When the material enters the inside of the cylinder, it is dried in direct flow contact with the hot air in the cylinder or countercurrent or in effective contact with the heated wall surface, and the product is discharged from the lower end of the other end after drying.


In the horizontal dryer, the material moves under the rotation of the cylinder and moves from the high end to the lower end due to gravity. The inner wall of the cylinder is provided with a forward copying plate, which continuously picks up and sprinkles the material, so that the thermal contact area of the material is greatly increased, the drying rate is increased, and the material is moved forward.