Application of Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer

- Jun 25, 2018-

Centrifugal granulation spray dryer has a higher level of automation, and the operation is simple, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Centrifugal granulation spray dryers can be used for drying solutions, emulsions, suspensions and even liquids with viscosity.


Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer is one of the most widely used dryers in industrial production. It mainly uses its internal centrifugal atomizer to dry certain liquid materials during operation. Spray drying is the most widely used process in the liquid process forming and drying industry. Most suitable for the production of powdery, granular products in solutions, emulsions, suspensions, and pumpable lake-like liquids.


Therefore, in many drying processes, centrifugal granulation spray dryers have exerted very good results. Centrifugal granulation spray dryer drying speed, material liquid surface area after atomization greatly increased in the hot air flow, instantly evaporated 95% -98% of the water. The drying time is only 5-15 seconds and it has the characteristics of instantaneous drying.