Application range of granulation dryer

- Jul 17, 2020-

1. Chemical industry

A: Spray drying equipment used in polymer resin products:

AB and ABS latex, polyvinyl butyrate, phenolic resin, polyethylene, rubber emulsion, polycarbonate, polyvinyl acetate, SBR emulsion.

B: Application range of spray drying equipment in ceramic materials:

Alumina, beryllium oxide, zirconium silicate, carbide, silicon carbide, electrical ceramics, kaolin, silicon dioxide, steatite, titanate, uranium oxide, zinc oxide, floor tile materials, grinding wheel materials, glass powder, Iron oxide, nitride, superconductor formula, etc.

2. Food industry

A. Spray drying equipment application products in the dairy industry:

Baby food, buttermilk, cheese, white coffee, fat-filled whey, ice cream mixture, milk replacer, wheat milk powder, cream, etc.

B: Spray dryer application products in eggs:

Egg white, whole egg, yolk

C: Spray drying equipment in food products and plant extract application products:

Artichoke extract, broth, chicken gravy, beef juice, filter cake mixture, various chlorophylls, chamomile tea, pure broth, allspice, hydrolyzed protein, soy protein, vegetable protein, peanut protein, lactose, Licorice extract, soy milk, etc.

D: Spray dryer application products in fruits and vegetables:

Apricot, banana, beetroot, broad bean, onion, peach, mango, asparagus, soft fruit, carrot, onion, etc.

E: spray drying equipment in carbohydrate application products:

Additives for baked food, corn grain slurry, whole sugar, gluten from wheat and corn, wort, wheat flour, sweetener, glucose, sorbitol, etc.

3. Pharmaceutical and biochemical industry

A. Products for spray drying equipment used in medical products

Acidic agents, bacitracin, streptomycin, oxytetracycline, antibiotics and mold, penicillin, tetracycline, microorganisms, emollients, anesthetics, vitamins, serum, dextran, tablet composition, blood products, bacteria Seedlings, medicinal gums, hormones.

B. Products of spray drying equipment used in biochemicals

Algae, beer yeast, mycelium, yeast hydrolysate, yeast extract!