Circulating gas of detergent powder spray dryer

- Jul 18, 2018-

The system of detergent powder spray dryer is composed of nitrogen shut-off circulation system, airflow spray dryer, solid-gas separation, nitrogen back-blowing dust removal, condensation cooling solvent recovery, steam heating and other main parts. Working in a closed environment, the drying medium of the whole equipment is an inert gas, generally N, which is suitable for the drying of toxic materials in organic solvents or the drying of materials which are prone to oxidation during drying.


The detergent powder spray dryer uses its inert gas as the circulating gas, and has the protective effect on the dry material during the operation. The circulating gas undergoes the process of carrying moisture and dehumidification, and the medium can be reused; the nitrogen gas is heated by the heater to enter In the drying tower, the liquid material is sent to the centrifugal nozzle through the screw pump, and the powdered material atomized by the atomizer of the high-speed circulation is discharged from the bottom of the tower, and the evaporated organic solvent gas is clamped under the pressure of the negative pressure of the fan. The dust in the gas is condensed into a liquid through a condenser after being dedusted by a cyclone or a spray tower to be discharged into a condenser. The non-condensable gas medium is continuously heated and then recirculated as a dry carrier in the system.


In the detergent powder spray dryer, the purpose of dehumidification is achieved by continuous sending and exhausting. This is also a clear difference between the explosion-proof closed centrifugal spray drying equipment and the ordinary centrifugal spray drying equipment. The drying medium in the drying system is The inside is operated by positive pressure and maintains a certain positive pressure value. If the internal pressure drops, the pressure transmitter automatically controls the intake to ensure the system pressure balance.