Cleaning after use of small spray dryer

- Apr 18, 2020-

After we finish using the small spray dryer, we should carry out corresponding inspection and cleaning to facilitate the normal use in the future and can effectively extend its service life. Let's understand the relevant knowledge with this editor !

When the small spray dryer is used, the heating device should be turned off first, and then the material pump can be turned off. If the inlet temperature drops below 100 ℃, the fan can be stopped, and then the drying tower Clean up and shut down with the dust collector, and then turn off the entire power supply of the dryer. Here I want to remind everyone that the order of the entire shutdown should not be reversed, otherwise unnecessary failures will occur.

Although the spray tray inside the small spray dryer is important, other related equipment is also important. Therefore, when we disassemble the small spray dryer, we must complete it in order, and then use clean water to clean it. If it cannot be cleaned, use the brush method to ensure that it is cleaned, and then it is the air filter. Cleaning is also essential, but it should be noted that when cleaning the small spray dryer, it is not allowed. Use chlorine or other compounds to prevent serious corrosion and other damage to the small spray dryer.