Common failures of spray dryers

- Mar 03, 2020-

When the spray dryer does not dry or heat up, you can check it yourself first to see if the problem is not too big. If you can solve it yourself, you can solve it by yourself. For example, heating element failure or thermal overload cut-off can be solved by yourself. Generally, the machine does not have proper airflow. As long as the airflow is improved, the problem can be solved. If it is not caused by airflow, you can refer to the following practices.

1. Check to see if the hose is blocked or bent. Blocking or bending will affect the air flow out of the machine, and once the air circulation is not good, the dryer will not be able to heat up normally, which will affect the drying effect.

2. If it is confirmed that the hose is not blocked or bent, then see if the material is overloaded, the material is overloaded, the machine is blocked, and the air cannot circulate.

3. Once the machine is overheated, it will affect the performance of the machine and even damage the machine. If the thermal overload has been switched off, a simple reset can be performed. If the equipment is really damaged, you must find the relevant maintenance personnel to deal with it.

In short, it is normal for the spray dryer to malfunction. After all, the equipment must be worn for a long time. After a certain degree of wear, the performance will be affected, and even problems will occur. However, we must pay attention to maintenance, which can keep the machine in good condition for a long time, so that it can better serve the production. In addition, spray dryers need to buy big brand products. The product quality is good and the after-sales service is guaranteed, which can avoid the user's worries. Therefore, you must choose carefully when buying.