Comparison of plastic centrifugal dryer and other dryers

- Jun 27, 2018-

1. Is a plastic centrifugal dryer an energy-saving and environmentally friendly plastic dryer?

The energy-saving and environmental-friendly plastic dryer has two parts, a drying cylinder and a fan. The fan is connected to the drying cylinder through the air supply pipe. On the drying cylinder, there are three parts: the cylinder, the base and the cover. The cylinder is connected to the base and the cover through a hinge. In addition, an exhaust pipe is also provided on the top of the lid body. Therefore, its structural composition is similar to that of a plastic centrifugal dryer, but it is not exactly the same.

 2.Comparison between plastic pellet dryer and plastic centrifugal dryer

Plastic granule dryers are organic cartridges, cartridge caps, venting chambers, exhaust fans, motor shafts, agitator shafts, rotary motors, and the like. He is drying the plastic granules and reducing the amount of dust generated during the drying of the plastic granules. Therefore, in the drying method, it is not the method of drying by centrifugal drying.

3. Plastic centrifugal dryer is a plastic dehumidifying dryer?

Plastic centrifugal dryers and plastic dehumidifying dryers, although all plastics are dried, but the former is for centrifugal drying, the latter is for dehumidifying drying, and in the plastic dehumidifying dryer, is to carry out spiral, push, dehydration and separation Feeding and other operations are different from those of plastic centrifugal dryers. Therefore, there is no equal sign between these two dryers.