Composition of spray granulation dryer

- Aug 15, 2020-

The dust removal system is composed of high-efficiency cyclone separator, bag filter, centrifugal fan, etc. The suction fan sends the finer particles and dry air into the high-efficiency cyclone separator. After effective separation, the finer particles enter the collection tube at the bottom of the separator for recovery, and the remaining waste gas containing a very small amount of fine particles is sucked into the bag filter by the centrifugal fan and collected by dust removal again, realizing the harmless treatment of the waste gas. The exhaust gas is discharged from the chimney.

In addition, a heating system composed of electric heaters and gas-fired hot-blast stoves provides hot air for the drying tower. The electrical control cabinet and the electrical system composed of on-site sensors installed at the air inlet and outlet to monitor the temperature monitor and control the main links of the entire spray granulation dryer to ensure the normal operation of the entire equipment