Condiment spray drying equipment

- Sep 07, 2018-

Centrifugal spray drying equipment project, the overall process design of the spray tower unit and the detailed design of the equipment were fully discussed and demonstrated. The detailed technical terms and processing and manufacturing requirements have been determined, and every effort has been made to ensure smooth operation in the production process after the equipment is put into use.

Qianjiang dry enterprises in the drying industry can be described as deep accumulation, a sudden rise. Honor and industry responsibility can be seen, national high-tech enterprises, China's top ten dry equipment industry, is the industry's absolute leader.

In the field of condiments, Qianjiang drying equipment is duty-bound to take the lead! Technological innovation, superior management, corporate spirit culture, and the company's software and hardware environment advantages are the inevitable embodiment of Qianjiang drying equipment to maintain rapid development and lead the industry.