Daily operation of spray granulation dryer

- Aug 15, 2020-

In the daily production process, necessary preparations should be made before starting the equipment. Firstly, check whether the joints of the bearings and sealing parts of each device are loose, whether the lubricating oil condition of each mechanical part and the valve ports of each water, wind, and slurry pipe are in the required position. Then turn on the power to check whether the voltage and the instrument are normal, and finally check the amount and concentration of the slurry in the slurry mixing tank. If there is a problem, it should be eliminated in time.

Then turn on the blower and exhaust fan in turn, and then turn on the heating switch to start heating. When the temperature of the discharge port reaches the set temperature (usually around 130°C), start the material pump and dust removal system. When the pump pressure reaches 2MPa, turn on the spray gun to start granulation. After the equipment is running, the atomization and the working conditions of the material pump should be observed in time. If the gun is blocked, the nozzle should be cleaned or replaced immediately.