Do you know the steps for checking and maintaining the bag filter?

- Mar 10, 2019-

The bag filter is designed for continuous operation in batch processing and process applications. This online efficient reverse jet cleaning. The filtration area ranges from 9m2 which is 820m2. All units have a generous integrated pre-separation chamber that increases dust load capacity while reducing the load on the filter bag.

The importance of the maintenance management of the facility in the manufacturing environment has been the goal of many organizations. For many people, it is to cope with the pressure of global competition, to seek important organizations to improve productivity, to greatly improve the overall efficiency of equipment and to pursue an effective maintenance plan and effective.

We must have a full understanding and inspection of the machinery we want to maintain, or we will give up all our efforts. Like this designated armrest, there may be some powerful welded steel structures, all-weather exposed locations, compressed air pressure is generally 6 strips, large overall pre-separation chamber dust removal equipment is normally maintained from the top, and then proceed to the next Maintenance check:

1.Cleaning sequence controller

2. Filter media is suitable for all applications

3. Maintenance and cleaning of convenient bags

4. On the armrest from the unit top assembly

5. Discharge options include screw conveyors, rotary valves,

6. Gravity or electric valve flap or quick release bin

7. Flange inlet and outlet pipes and remote control fans

8. Repair ladders and handrails