Dry technology renewable energy

- Aug 30, 2018-

After decades of development, China's drying equipment and technology have made great progress, but with the emphasis on human environmental protection, improving the environmental protection measures of drying equipment to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas, etc., will also be Need to go deep into the direction of research. The development of biomass energy-saving drying equipment technology should be combined with China's economic development.


At present, China's drying equipment and technology have made great progress, more and more types of products, and the market demand continues to expand. As the country continues to promote the sustainable development of the economy, vigorously promote the circular economy model, requiring the drying equipment industry to change its direction and take the green sustainable development path.


The application field of China's drying technology is now not limited to the chemical industry but is widespread in all walks of life. With the continuous development and advancement of science and technology, the application field of drying technology will be further broadened and the potential market is very large.


It is worth noting that compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap in the quality and technical level of domestic products. Therefore, China's drying equipment manufacturing enterprises must constantly learn from international advanced technology, combine practical experience, explore new technologies, develop new technologies, and come up with new products to participate in international competition.


With the emphasis on environmental protection by human beings, improving the environmental protection measures of drying equipment to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas will also be the direction that needs further research. Experts said that through technological competition, the road to strong alliance and survival of the fittest, and the cultivation of a strong leader in the industry, perhaps just around the corner.


Experts say that when exploring the new development path of drying technology, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be considered comprehensively in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. To implement a development strategy of high efficiency and green drying, we must first take the path of resource-saving development, and change into a single extensive dry type for combination and intelligent drying. It is necessary not only to carry out fundamental transformation from the drying process, but also to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, and vigorously develop drying technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat.


Biomass energy-saving drying equipment technology development should be combined with China's economic development, such as high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection, localization of major equipment, drying technology development trend will be along with effective use of energy, improve product quality and output, reduce environmental impact, safety Operation, easy control, multi-purpose, large-scale development.


Market demand drives product innovation, and the drying equipment industry is committed to the research and development of new products. The future development prospects are immeasurable. The future development prospects of drying equipment are new technologies, new fields, high quality, low energy consumption. In fact, this is not only the development prospect of drying equipment, but also the development path of many equipment industries.http://www.csspraydryer.com/