Drying process and main features of multi-stage chemical dryer

- Jul 04, 2018-

The multi-stage chemical dryer will be equipped with an integrated vulcanized bed at the bottom of the tower during operation. During the operation, it will effectively combine its spray and fluidized bed technology into a stable process, and its single operation during operation. The entire drying and recombination can be done. The granular structure thus obtained is comparable to a bunch of grapes. This technology is especially suitable for food applications, including viscous, hygroscopic, fragrance and heat sensitive product drying processes.

The multi-stage chemical dryer is in the preliminary drying stage, and its concentrate can be effectively atomized through its downstream nozzle in the dry air passage during operation. During operation, its air can enter the spray drying tower vertically through the air distributor at a high speed. In this way, it is possible to ensure optimal mixing of the atomized droplets with the dry air to a certain extent. The evaporation process is initiated during the vertical flow down through the drying tower chamber. During this primary drying stage, the particles will not completely dry.

Main features of multi-stage chemical dryer

1. Multi-stage chemical dryers are suitable for product development and small-scale production.

2. Multi-stage drying technology

3. Integrated fluidized bed integrated at the bottom of the drying tower

4. Excellent product flexibility and excellent thermal efficiency

5. Dry heat sensitive and aromatic products

6. Handling viscous and hygroscopic products in one continuous run

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