Drying process of pressure nozzle spray dryer

- Jul 16, 2018-

Pressure nozzle spray dryer This drying device uses the pressure nozzle and the high pressure pump pressure to change the solution, suspension, emulsion float, etc. into small water droplets, and then quickly exchange with high temperature hot air to achieve a dry state. .


When the pressure nozzle spray dryer is working, the liquid feeds through the high pressure input of the diaphragm pump to spray the mist droplets; then it flows down with the hot air, and most of the powder particles are collected by the bottom discharge port, and the exhaust gas and its fine powder are passed through. The cyclone separator is separated, the exhaust gas is discharged by an exhaust fan, and the powder is collected by a dust collecting cylinder provided under the cyclone.


The secondary dust removal device can also be equipped at the outlet of the fan, and the recovery rate is 96%-98%. In addition, the materials of the tower body, the pipeline and the separator in the contact part of the pressure nozzle spray dryer are made of SUS304. There is an insulation layer between the inside of the tower body and the outer casing, and the filling material is rock wool. The tower body is provided with an observation door, a sight glass, a light source and a control instrument, and is controlled and displayed by an electric control console.