Drying process of spray granulation dryer

- Aug 14, 2020-

The slurry enters the drying tower from the spray gun nozzle to start the spray granulation drying process. The specific process is divided into three stages:

Slurry atomization

The slurry is pressed into the drying tower from the nozzle at a certain pressure by the diaphragm pump in the feeding system, and the energy of the pressure is converted into kinetic energy. The slurry is sprayed from the nozzle from the bottom up to form a high-speed liquid film, which then splits into Droplets. The size of the droplets produced by atomization is inversely proportional to the pressure, and the production capacity of the nozzle is proportional to the square of the pressure.

The mist particles are dried into balls

The mist particles and hot air work in a mixed flow. The hot air enters the tower through the hot air distributor on the top cover. The hot air distributor generates a downward streamline air flow, and the mist droplets are sprayed into the heat from bottom to top. Air flow. The droplets form a spherical shape due to the effect of surface tension. At the same time, because the droplets have a large surface area, the water evaporates and dries quickly, and finally shrinks to form a dry spherical particle powder.

The formed spherical particle powder gradually settles in the drying tower and is separated from the hot air. The funnel cavity at the bottom of the tower collects the particles and discharges them from the discharge port. The finer particles and dry air are drawn by the suction fan connected to the upper part of the funnel to enter the dust removal system.

Particle powder discharge

The blower, drying tower and exhaust fan that convey hot air to the drying tower constitute the drying system.