Dust removal equipment saves energy during high-speed production

- Nov 09, 2019-

Efforts to build ecological garden plants, green plants, and promote green manufacturing. The dust and dust in the re-baking workshop naturally become an important task. The central dedusting system, conveyor belt, vibration tank and installation drain of the process re-baking workshop applied in actual production. So much bronchial dust, but its degree of intelligence is low, once opened, in the same amount regardless of the size of the dust, constant power operation, the corresponding amount of unrealizable, different power supply or start and stop based on the real-time dust amount of motor speed control.

Today Changsheng Dryer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides an energy-saving intelligent dust-removing machine, and can generate a large number of dust-removing fan working state real-time control to turn on and off the factory according to the smoke and high-speed production process, and the smoke data display unit displays the air quality data intelligent dust At the same time, energy is saved.

A dust removal device is used to separate dust particles. The ventilator delivers a separate whirlwind in which the particulate dust falls. Fan the air outlet from the top and clean the filter in the connecting hose. The particles and dust are cleaned and separated from each other in the way the pre-dusting fan is connected. The dust-free particles are further lowered downwards to the package or the wire mesh container. The dust is separated from the cyclone and is poured into a bag. The air is also cleaned from the dust extraction fan and passed through 2 filter bags. Separate dust fineness can be passed through the throttle flap (between the dust blower and the prefilter).