Food spray drying

- Aug 23, 2018-

With the development of the food industry, more and more food ingredients are processed by spray drying. Various hydrophilic colloids and modified starches are being widely used in this field to improve the dispersibility, moisture absorption and fast solubility of food ingredients. The powdering of food ingredients is mainly achieved by the application of microcapsule technology. It is precisely because the microcapsule technology is widely used in the food industry to solve the problems that many traditional processes cannot solve, which in turn greatly promotes the microcapsule technology. Application in the food field. Microencapsulation technology can be used to package many food ingredients such as spices, fats, vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances.


The microcapsule technology encapsulates heat sensitive, oxidizable or volatile substances by selecting appropriate capsule wall materials to form capsules, thereby protecting them, thereby improving the quality of the product and prolonging the shelf life of the product. It is an instant powdered product that is extremely convenient to add to a variety of foods. At present, in the food industry, a large amount of microcapsule wall materials are used in gum arabic, gelatin and modified starch. The processing methods used are mainly spray drying. In order to improve the granulation effect of microcapsules, corn syrup and maltodextrin are added in large amounts. Filler.


China Food Additives Research Institute has also conducted a more in-depth study on this issue. The research results show that solving the problem of easy moisture absorption of soy sauce powder involves many aspects of the coordination of formula and process and spray drying equipment. The microcapsule technology has been applied to the production of soy sauce powder, and has achieved relatively good results. The experimental results are now compiled into articles for reference by relevant companies, hoping to inspire the production of powdered food ingredients.