Fruit and vegetable belt dryer

- Jul 30, 2018-

The fruit and vegetable medicinal dewatering belt dryer is a special type of equipment researched and developed on the basis of the traditional mesh belt dryer. It has strong pertinence, practicability and high energy efficiency. It is widely used in the dehydration and drying of various regional and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Such as: garlic slices, pumpkin, konjac, white radish, yam, bamboo shoots and so on. When we produce equipment for our customers, we design and produce the most suitable for users according to the characteristics of the required dry products, the user's process requirements, and the experience accumulated over the past ten years. The best quality vegetable drying equipment. 


Drying is of great importance in all sectors of the national economy. Drying in the food industry is one of the most basic unit operations and is a major unit operation for dry foods. For example: the drying of fruits and vegetables, the manufacture of milk powder and egg yolk powder, and so on. In addition, fermented foods, MSG, citric acid, enzyme preparations, and the like. Drying of malt in beer production, drying of sugar in sugar production, etc.

The purpose of food drying is to remove moisture from the material, reduce its volume and weight, and facilitate storage and transportation of the product; it can prevent microorganisms from propagating in the finished product. The fruit and vegetable belt dryer effectively solves the water removal treatment and delays the shelf life of the food.