High-pressure spray dryer basic operation process

- Jul 12, 2018-

From the structural point of view, the high-pressure spray drying device mainly includes a slurry tank, a metering pump, a surge tank, a heat exchanger, a filter, a drying tower body, a cyclone dust collector, a bag filter, a collecting box, and a wet foam. Dust collector, electrical control system, high-pressure centrifugal fan and other components.


Therefore, every time the high-pressure spray dryer device is operated, it needs to be thoroughly inspected and prepared, and it can be turned on without abnormality. The main inspection items include the lubricity of the high pressure spray dryer fan, the reliability of the coupling, the performance of the metering pump, the integrity of the heat exchanger, the water level of the precipitator, and the integrity of the electrical control system.


When the high-pressure spray dryer device is turned on, it is necessary to first open the control system power; then calculate the discharge time according to the solid content of the material and the drying capacity of the drying equipment; and according to the process requirements and the instrument display parameters, do not forget to check The equipment is running and the equipment operation record is made in time.


The shutdown of the high pressure spray dryer device requires that the slurry tank agitating motor be turned off after the slurry tank liquid material is sprayed, so that the system continues to run for 15-20 minutes; then the filter screen is cleaned in turn; the heat exchanger system, the ventilation system, and the instrument are turned off. Control system, total power supply; finally, clean and sanitation work and on-site health work.