Hot air source for spray tower drying

- Jun 09, 2020-

Hot air source for spray tower drying

Control of hot air furnace Hot air furnace is the hot air source for spray tower drying of spray dryer. The fuel consumption of drying equipment directly affects the level of drying cost, so it is a key part of energy saving in spray drying tower. 

The efficiency of the hot blast stove mainly depends on the fuel atomization nozzle. When the fuel atomization is uniform and the combustion is sufficient, the thermal efficiency is high. For this reason, the atomization air pressure and flow rate and the fuel pressure and flow rate should be strictly controlled. In addition, the atomization angle, spray height, and spray gun angle of the atomizing nozzle should be controlled within an appropriate range. 

The choice of hot blast stove fuel can directly affect the cost of fuel consumption, such as the use of clean petroleum gas, light diesel oil, etc. will greatly increase the cost, the use of heavy oil, mixed oil, etc. must control its sulfur content, otherwise it is difficult to ensure SO2 in the exhaust gas Emissions meet standards. Injecting phenol water and tar generated from coal-to-gas conversion into a hot blast stove to burn can eliminate these harmful substances and convert them into harmless water and CO2 in high-temperature combustion. This can not only greatly reduce the cost of combustion, but also make full use of these waste residues, waste liquid, energy saving and consumption reduction.