How can a detergent nozzle spray dryer become more energy efficient?

- Jul 14, 2018-

The detergent nozzle spray dryer is a continuous atmospheric pressure drying device. The machine sprays the liquid material into the mist through the nozzle during use, so that the hot air can be contacted and dried, mainly for drying. These heat sensitive liquids and viscous liquids are also used for drying fuels and soap powders.


The biggest advantage of the detergent nozzle spray dryer is energy saving. In order to better reflect this advantage, when using the detergent nozzle spray dryer, the temperature of the drying medium at the air inlet is appropriately increased. According to the statistics of experimental data, if the temperature of the drying medium of the feed inlet is appropriately increased, the thermal efficiency can be effectively improved, and the temperature increase is determined by the nature of the product.


At the same time, the outlet temperature of the detergent nozzle spray dryer can be appropriately reduced. Generally, it is more economical to reduce the outlet air temperature and increase the inlet air temperature; and the adjustment of the outlet air temperature requires reference to the moisture content of the material. In addition, reducing the evaporation load can also make the detergent nozzle spray dryer more energy-efficient, the specific way is to appropriately increase the solid content of the feed liquid.