Improve the drying efficiency of centrifugal spray dryer

- Jul 17, 2020-

Now in the centrifugal spray dryer industry, there are many manufacturers producing new-type dryers, of course, they need to design it, and the airflow operation needs to be considered first during construction. Some manufacturers have relatively mature airflow design, and their future work will be relatively improved. However, some manufacturers put the design emphasis on other aspects. The operation of the internal airflow is not considered. Such products are in stability and will not have better drying efficiency.

When the centrifugal spray dryer is working, in fact, the purpose of drying is achieved by airflow, so that the design and production process of all equipment need to consider the airflow first, we need to first, leave the internal airflow to achieve sufficient dispersion, so that the material can be completely Exposure to air contact, that is, the dry surface should be increased, only its dry surface will reduce the drying time. Some equipment on the market has a fast drying speed and some has a low drying speed, which is actually the difference in this respect.