Improve the wear resistance of spray dryers

- Mar 12, 2020-

There are many types of spray dryers used in the spray dryer drying process. The machine with a large amount of use is a centrifugal spray dryer. The specific work is mainly to dry large materials and to use a small model spray dryer for secondary drying. When a spray dryer is used, a centrifugal spray dryer and a closed-cycle centrifugal spray dryer are generally used, and the former tower body and the latter's lining board have a large degree of wear.

In the process of using a centrifugal spray dryer, it takes a long time to unload and load the tower body, so the material strength used in the design of the tower body is relatively high. Because the machine needs to continuously enter high-hardness materials during use, it will greatly increase the wear of the tower body, which will cause the tower body to break. When using a closed-cycle centrifugal spray dryer, the impact force of its liner is very large, so in the design process, materials with high wear resistance and strength are required.

Spray dryer should be used at the same time, reduce its wear speed, reduce and eliminate abnormal wear and tear. It is necessary to use the equipment reasonably, do a good job of maintenance and repair in time.