Improve user identification of drying equipment

- Aug 24, 2018-

There are so many drying equipment factories in China, and they all have a place in the market. It should be said that in many drying equipment factories, the equipment produced has certain differences in technology and product quality, but why it can survive, which has a lot to do with the ability of domestic users to set up. The drying equipment is different from other general-purpose equipments. In addition to the visual factors such as mechanical quality, the technical content and use effect cannot be found by users. Due to the poor ability of the user to identify the dryer, objectively, some of the lower level drying equipment factories provide space for survival. Cultivating the market and popularizing dry knowledge can play a positive role in purifying and integrating the market. Only in this way can the manufacturers with development potential survive and develop through the survival of the fittest in the market. Although the drying equipment is a special product, it is not impossible to identify its advantages and disadvantages. The user should make the following investigations when selecting the drying equipment.

(1) The factory should first inspect the equipment factory to know whether the plant has experimental equipment, whether there is experimental data on the material, and the experimental results. Listen carefully to the factory's experimental phenomenon report. Understand whether there is a manufacturing capability for the required model, whether the factory's processing methods can meet the requirements, and listen to the factory's processing method statement for the model.

(2) Performance The level of the factory depends to a certain extent on its performance. In general, the more work performance, the stronger the equipment manufacturing capability. Because the manufacturing technology will continue to improve the technology. If it is the first to manufacture this model, users must be cautious, and the maturity of the technology should be seriously demonstrated.

(3) Factory reputation Drying equipment should be maintained frequently, and sometimes problems that are difficult for users to solve during use. Some consumables are not universal, and the factory can provide technical consultation and spare parts supply for users permanently. It is a problem that users must consider when selecting drying equipment manufacturers. The other users of the plant should be interviewed to understand the company's reputation.

(4) Investigating the same model As mentioned earlier, drying equipment may also have such problems during the enlargement process. It is necessary to examine whether the factory has the same model and the same specifications as the manufacturer. If you have accumulated experience in this area, the success rate of equipment is relatively high.

(5) Investigate the drying effect of the same or similar materials. If further investigation, it is better to provide the drying experience of the same material. This will increase the credibility of this project. Despite this, dryness is a highly specialized subject, and it is difficult for non-professionals to master it in a short period of time. If possible, it is best to hire a dry expert to check the project during the project, which will improve the reliability of the selected equipment factory.