Improvement of centrifugal spray granulation dryer

- Aug 15, 2020-

In addition to the management and sales of the industry, what we do most is to improve the spray drying equipment, so that the pressure spray dryer has a breakthrough in quality and technology. There is still a certain gap between our spray drying equipment and the top foreign equipment. Under such a gap, although we are working hard to make breakthroughs, due to the limitations of the processing technology, we cannot Great improvements have been made, so our spray drying equipment will be subject to certain restrictions in quality and cannot show its best state.

In actual operation, the pressure spray dryer can achieve high drying efficiency. It is especially suitable for the drying of some heat-sensitive materials. It can complete the drying process in a very short time. The processing workload is relatively large, and the drying quality is also very high. it is good. In all drying equipment, its advantage of more water evaporation per unit time is extremely obvious. In the entire operation process, the production process is very simple, and for the user, some intermediate production links can also be omitted.