Inert gas spray drying project

- Jul 17, 2020-

Closed-loop inert gas spray drying project-closed-circuit circulating air-flow spray drying unit, which is mainly composed of nitrogen closed-circuit circulating system, air-flow spray dryer, solid-gas separation, nitrogen back blowing dust removal, condensation cooling solvent recovery, steam heating and other main machines Pieces.

Nitrogen is used as a conductive heat transfer medium to realize the dry production of organic solvent suspensions, thick and viscous liquid materials and organic solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, biochemical, chemical, biological and other technical fields, and has the practicality of low energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction Sex. The unit adopts closed circulation technology and uses nitrogen as the conductive heat transfer medium. While drying and producing liquid materials containing organic solvents, the solvent is recycled by condensing and cooling technology. To improve the drying strength and drying capacity of the unit, this unit uses airflow Type spray drying technology, that is, the liquid material (solid content is 50%) during the drying process, the liquid material is transported by the peristaltic pump to the airflow spray gun set in the drying tower (the spray gun can set 3-7 nozzles as required by the production capacity) Atomization into droplets, convection contact with the heat transfer gas from top to bottom from bottom to top, heat transfer and heat exchange, in order to improve the purpose of drying moisture in an instant.