Low power consumption, low noise

- May 03, 2018-

The disc dryer is based on the intermittent stirring of the conductive dryer, and integrates a series of advanced technologies. After continuous improvement, a multi-layer fixed hollow heating carrier plate, transfer mixing, vertical continuous Heat-based drying equipment. In this drying process, the heating medium is passed into the hollow discs of each layer, and the wet material placed on the surface of the disk is indirectly heated by means of heat conduction. Under the scraping action of the rotating lobe, the inside of the material is continuously moved and tumbled. The moisture content evaporates at the operating temperature and the steam exits with the equipment exhaust, so that a qualified dry product is continuously obtained at the bottom of the equipment. In recent years, many countries have applied them widely in the fields of chemical industry, dyes, pesticides, plastics, medicine, and food, and have continuously improved and improved their use. Compared with the traditional drying equipment, it has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, uniform drying, good product quality, small footprint, fewer auxiliary equipment, less pollution, continuous production, convenient operation and wide application range. Therefore, it has its broad development prospects in the drying technology, which has caused more and more people's attention and research. According to the product performance, drying requirements and the size of the processing capacity, the disc dryer adopts a series of measures such as stepless speed regulation of the spindle, manual adjustment of the height of the disc feeder adjusting sleeve, control of the temperature distribution of the heating plates in each layer, and the final cooling and cooling, etc. Played the superior performance of the disc continuous dryer.

1. Continuous operation, high thermal efficiency. The disc type continuous dryer is dried by conductive heat transfer method. During the drying process, only a very small amount (or no) of air is introduced into the dryer. The amount of exhaust gas is small, so the thermal efficiency can reach more than 65%.

2. Low power consumption and low noise. Due to the thin material layer in the drying process, low spindle speed, low power required by the material conveying system, and low power consumption, the power consumption of the complete drying device is only 1/5 to 1/7 of the power consumption of the convection heat transfer device. And the noise is small.

3. The material is heated evenly and the drying time is short. Because the materials in the drying process roll along the Archimedes spiral motion path in the drying tray, the material travels 5 times the radius of the drying disk, and falls down by layer. Therefore, the time for the materials to contact the heating disk is basically the same, and the heat is very uniform. .

4. Small material loss and good environmental protection.

5. Drying ability.

6. Closed and continuous operation of equipment, labor intensity is low.

7. The drying medium can utilize the steam generated by the waste heat boiler, thereby saving a large amount of coal.

8. The product quality is stable.