Maintenance knowledge of Pressure spray granulation dryer

- Jun 01, 2018-

Pressure spray granulation dryer is a device that can dry and granulate at the same time. According to the technological requirements, the pressure, flow rate and the size of the spray hole can be adjusted to obtain the required spherical particles of a certain size.
The working process of the Pressure spray granulation dryer is as follows: the liquid is imported through the pneumatic diaphragm pump high pressure, spray out the fog droplets, and then the hot air and the flow down. Most of the powder is collected from the bottom of the tower. The exhaust gas and its tiny powder are separated by the cyclone separator. The exhaust gas is discharged by the fan, and the powder is collected by the cyclone in the cyclone separator. The collector can also be equipped with a two stage dust removal device at the outlet of the fan, with a recovery rate of 96%-98%.
Daily operation specification of Pressure spray granulation dryer:

When the Pressure spray granulation dryer is running for a long time or because of improper operation, some equipment will appear aggregate and affect normal operation. At this point, it is necessary to stop working and wash. For the cleaning of aggregates in the drying tower, the door should be opened and cleaned with a long broom to remove funnel shaped bottom aggregate, open the discharge valve and wash the tower with tap water. The cleaning of dust collector in cyclone separators also needs to turn on the cyclone separator and sweep the aggregates with broom. For the cleaning of bag filter, we should open the control switch and beat continuously, then open the washing door, beat the bag filter, and finally replace the filter bag. For the cleaning of the slurry pipeline system, the discharge valve of the two-way filter should be opened, the filter screen and the pipeline are cleaned, and then the material pump is opened to replace the material by water, and the pump tube, the stable pressure package and the pipe are cleaned.

After a period of operation, we need to inspect and maintain the Pressure spray granulation dryer. For the feeding system, should check the filters, pipes, valves, nozzles, etc. to see if there is any clogging.Regular cleaning, and check the wear of the nozzles for timely replacement. Check whether the pump is leaking oil, whether the pressure is normal, whether the oil level is normal or not. For fans, should check whether the shaft and bearings are oil deficient, heat, vibration or noise. If necessary, clean the blades and balance the wind blades. For heater, check whether the heat pipe is normal or not. If necessary, clean the filter pipe, oil pump and nozzle three. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the motors are heated, vibrating or abnormal, and whether the instruments and appliances in the control cabinet are working normally.