Maintenance of spray granulation dryer

- Aug 15, 2020-

Granulation is an important part of the PTC production process, and maintaining the normal operation of the equipment is a necessary condition to ensure the stability of PTC production. Regular cleaning, maintenance and maintenance help to find problems in time, solve potential failures, reduce downtime, and ensure normal and stable production.

If the equipment is running for a long time or due to improper operation, aggregates will appear in some equipment and affect normal operation. At this time, it is necessary to stop work for cleaning. For the cleaning of aggregates in the drying tower, the cleaning door should be opened, the funnel-shaped bottom aggregate should be swept away with a long broom, the discharge valve should be opened, and the tower should be rinsed with tap water. To remove the dust in the cyclone separator, it is also necessary to open the cyclone separator, sweep the aggregate with a broom, and rinse with water if necessary. For the cleaning of the bag filter, you should turn on the control switch, tap continuously, then open the cleaning door, tap the bag filter, and finally replace the filter bag. For the cleaning of the slurry piping system, the drain valve of the two-way filter should be opened, the filter screen and the pipeline should be cleaned, and then the material pump should be turned on to replace the material with water, and the pump tube, pressure regulator bag and pipeline should be cleaned.