Operation of spray granulation dryer

- Aug 15, 2020-

After the equipment is in normal operation, the materials should be collected regularly, the operation of each system should be checked regularly, the process parameters should be recorded, and the vibrating filter should be cleaned.

At the end of granulation, the heating device should be shut down first, and the gas engine should be stopped. Then close the spray gun valve, replace the spray gun, unscrew the nozzle and rinse. When the inlet temperature drops below 100℃, the operation of the blower and exhaust fan can be stopped. Then clean the remaining materials in the drying tower and the dust collector, turn off the dust collector and the air hammer, and finally turn off the main power supply to complete the production operation.

In case of emergency, the equipment must be shut down immediately, and the blower and material pump should be shut down first. If there is a sudden power failure, pull out the gas engine to cool the tower naturally, then open the drain valve, drain the slurry in the slurry pipeline, and clean the equipment.