Pressure spray drying granulation device

- Aug 29, 2018-

Pressure spray drying tower is a device that can dry and granulate at the same time. According to the technological requirements, the pressure, flow rate and the size of the nozzle hole of the feed pump can be adjusted to obtain spherical particles in a certain proportion. The working process is that the feed liquid is fed through a diaphragm pump at high pressure, spraying droplets, and then flowing down with hot air. Most of the powder particles are collected from the bottom outlet of the tower, the exhaust gas and its tiny powder are separated by cyclone separator, the exhaust gas is discharged by exhaust fan, the powder is collected by a pollinator located at the lower end of cyclone separator, and the outlet of the fan. It can also equip two grade dust removal device, and the recovery rate is above 96-98%. The materials of the tower, pipeline and separator which are in contact with the material are made by SUS304. There is enough insulation layer between the inner and outer shell of the tower. The filling material is ultra-fine glass wool. The tower body is equipped with observation door, viewing mirror, light source and control instrument. It is controlled and displayed by the electric control console. Its heat source device adopts steam heating or electric heater, which has the advantages of convenient operation, fast start-up, compact structure and clean hot air. In addition, the electric control cabinet is equipped with a control device of the electric heater to make the inlet temperature stepless adjustment. Electric heating devices can be partly or totally replaced by steam heating or coal-fired or oil-fired hot blast stoves in power-deficient areas.

The pressure spray drying tower is made of SUS304 by means of a pressure atomizer, which uses high-pressure pump to atomized the solution, suspension emulsion, floating liquor and paste material into small droplets, and then heat and fast heat exchange with high temperature hot air for the tower, pipeline and separator of the contact parts of the unit and the material. There is an insulating layer between the inner and outer shell of the tower, and the filling material is rock wool. The tower body is equipped with an observation door, a viewing mirror, a light source and a control instrument, which is controlled and displayed by an electric control console.

The pressure spray drying tower is made up of SUS304 by means of pressure jet and high pressure pump to paste liquid, suspension and emulsion floating liquid into small water droplets, and then heat up with hot air to quickly exchange parts and materials. Rock wool filling is found between the inner part of the tower and the shell insulation layer, and observation doors, glass, light source and control instruments, electrical console control and display are provided.

The working principle of the pressure spray drying tower is as follows: the liquid material (filtered liquid material) is sent into the pressure atomizer to atomize into small droplets by 2-20 MPa high pressure, and the atomized droplets (surface area greatly increased) are fully in contact with hot air, and the drying process is completed quickly in 10-30 seconds. Get finished products of powder or fine particles.