Protein Peptide Spray Dryer Material Conditioning and Outlet Temperature

- Jun 02, 2018-

In the process of operation, the protein peptide spray dryer needs to press the dehumidifier switch to close the air-drying switch of the spray dryer in a certain degree, and effectively adjust the air compressor outlet pressure to 0.25 MPa in a certain degree. To the extent that it rotates the red emergency stop button clockwise, it effectively opens its LCD operation screen.


Before starting the protein peptide spray dryer, the dehumidifier, the electric heating switch and the induced draft fan need to be turned on. To a certain extent, the system needs to be preheated, and the lighting lamp can be normally opened to a certain extent. When the temperature reaches the set temperature and the outlet air temperature reaches 80-90 degrees and the temperature is stable, turn on the atomizer 30S, then open the peristaltic pump switch in the interface, and adjust the rotation speed to between 12-18 (according to the material adjustment ), The peristaltic pump should be driven slowly, avoiding the need to introduce air into the tube (high temperature of the atomizer, lack of new material cooling will cause a small amount of liquid to quickly dry, plug the atomizer), and the direction arrow on the atomizer points to " →” Press the Start button on the nebulizer to begin creeping.


During the operation of the protein peptide spray dryer, wait until its material enters the nebulizer and sprays. During the operation, the tumbler (double air hammer) can be turned on to observe the atomization and the outlet temperature. If the outlet air temperature is higher than 90 degrees, you can slowly adjust the peristaltic pump speed (0.5-2 each time), continue to observe the outlet temperature, see if it is stable, the outlet temperature drops to 86-88 degrees, and it is normal spray flow rate ( Depending on factors such as material viscosity, solids content, etc., always observe the wind temperature and adjust the optimal material flow rate.


In the process of making the protein peptide spray dryer, all the materials need to be put into the cleaning bucket immediately after the material is exhausted. The nebulizer is cleaned with water spray, and the peristaltic pump speed is adjusted to about 15 (there is no solid matter in water). , more difficult to spray dry), 5min after the observation of feeding pipeline is clean by tap water, and then run for 2-3 minutes until the atomizer clean.


The protein peptide spray dryer needs to shut off the peristaltic pump to a certain extent, and the clip on the pump will open.

The water in it flows back into the barrel. Wait for 3-5 minutes. After the nebulizer has sprayed the remaining water, the nebulizer can be turned off. When there is no fog, the electric heater and the tumbler can be turned off and left to cool down.