Rapid evaporation and use advantages of mini hot air spray dryer

- Jul 06, 2018-

During the operation of the mini hot air spray dryer, the slurry with good spheroids is further uniformly stirred and heated to above 35 degrees in the agitation tank, and then the pressure is applied to the agitation tank, and the pressure can be applied during the operation. Under the action of the slurry, the slurry is sent to the atomizer, which is atomized by the atomizer and then sprayed into the tower body from the lower part of the tower body.

The mini hot air spray dryer effectively transports the N2 heated by the oil and gas heat exchanger to the gas distributor at the top of the tower body. After passing through the gas distributor, it can enter the tower body evenly and in a whirlwind manner. The slurry is dried and granulated. After contact with the hot gas, the liquid on the surface of the pellet rapidly evaporates, and the internal gas migrates to the surface during the subsequent drying process and is carried away by the hot gas. The dried pellets fall to the bottom of the tower and are gap-collected through a pair of disc valves.

The mini hot air spray dryer contains vaporized hexane and a small amount of fine dust in the gas after drying the slurry. Such gas is first sent to the cyclone by the pressure fan, and the dust is initially separated during use. Then, it is effectively sent to the condensing and eluting tower. In the leaching tower, the gas is sufficiently washed, and the hexane gas contained in the gas is condensed and collected at the bottom of the rinsing tower, and the washed gas is sent to the oil-gas heat exchanger for heating. Get reused. The system maintains a micro-positive pressure during operation and is automatically controlled by a gas supply valve and an exhaust valve.