Safeguard equipment performance

- May 03, 2018-

Adsorption dryers use the absorbent properties of adsorbents to absorb saturated water molecules in the compressed air in the adsorbent under working pressure. Reducing the adsorbent by regenerating methods such as depressurization, warming, and drying gas flow purging is adopted. Adsorption-regeneration cycles work to keep the pressure dew point below -40°C after drying the compressed air.

Adsorption dryers have been developing very slowly. Adsorption dryers have successively produced two-tower adsorption dryers—module adsorption dryers—mandrel adsorption dryers. Double-tower adsorption dryers cause compressed air pressure due to structural defects. With problems such as unstable dew point, high energy consumption, and troublesome maintenance, the module adsorption dryer solves the problems of unstable adsorption performance and high energy consumption of the double tower adsorption dryer, but the on-site filling and replacement of the adsorbent is still a technical defect. Through more than ten years of technological breakthroughs and efforts, Betten Technology has successfully solved the three major technical problems of adsorption dew point, energy consumption, and adsorbent replacement of adsorption dryers, and developed the world's most advanced and advanced core adsorption drying technology. machine.

The core dryer adopts the latest mold core adsorption drying technology. Through the optimization of the module adsorption dryer, under the premise of guaranteeing the safety performance and sealing effect of the equipment, the entire body and the core are separated and designed, and the core can be quickly realized. Replacement, equipment drying greatly improved.