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- May 03, 2018-

Vacuum low temperature dryer

Is a commonly used dryer products, because it is a vacuum low temperature dryer, it can meet the processing requirements of a large part of the heat-sensitive materials. Users need to master certain application knowledge in the process of using vacuum low-temperature dryer.will introduce the application and technical characteristics of vacuum low-temperature dryer in detail today, hoping to help everyone.

Application of vacuum cryogenic dryer

Automatic vacuum low temperature continuous dryer is a new concept of energy-efficient drying equipment. In the drying of the products of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, chemical industry, food, health care products and other industries, spray drying is beneficial to the cost, but the solubility of the product, the original taste and the shape of the powder have large defects, and the viscosity is slightly higher and the heat-sensitive property is required. The product is powerless. Conventional freeze drying results in excellent product solubility and high quality products, but yields are too low and expensive.

Technical features of vacuum cryogenic dryer

1. Continuous feeding and discharging under vacuum state, the amount of feed can be freely set as required.

2. The heating system can use steam, hot water and electric heating to transfer heat oil heating and other forms.

3. Drying temperature is adjusted from 25°C to 80°C, and continuous discharge is started after 20 minutes to 60 minutes until the batch is completed.

4. Teflon material is used for the crawler track. It runs smoothly, reliably, and has a uniform heated area. Track speed can be arbitrarily adjusted the number of layers 2-5, can be determined according to the user's production requirements.

5. The use of a variety of fabric devices can be adapted to the drying of various materials such as liquids, extracts, powders and granules.

6. With the automatic crushing system under the vacuum condition, according to the user's requirements, the number of dry granules can be arbitrarily selected.

7. With CIP cleaning system in place, automatic cleaning is quick and convenient.

8. The high-quality vacuum unit is selected and carefully designed and combined, with continuous large-capacity pumping rate and stable vacuum degree.