Spray Dryer Development and Use in the Dairy Industry

- Jun 22, 2018-

In the production of dairy products, the drying section is one of the important links in the production of milk powder. Generally, the amount of water to be evaporated in a single drying process is almost equal to the quality of milk powder to be produced. In the drying process, spray dryer equipment is commonly used.


We know that in actual production, the production process of a product determines the production equipment and control system of the product. Of course, the application of advanced equipment and control systems can also change the production process of the product. Spray dryers have already been widely used in the milk powder industry. Its application in the milk powder industry is a key step in promoting the technical progress of China's milk powder industry and lays a foundation for promoting the rapid development of China's milk powder industry.


In the drying process using the apparatus, the material enters the interior of the spray dryer and is dispersed by the atomizer into small droplets. After the air is heated, it is sent to the drying chamber and mixed with fog to make contact. After the drying process is completed, the dried product is separated and put into storage or directly used. The milk powder produced by the spray dryer is a uniform powder product, and it can be directly packaged into a finished product without further drying, cold powder, smashing, and the like.