Spray dryer industry gradually bid farewell to the era of price competition

- Mar 12, 2019-

Following the progress in the technological content of spray dryer, there are gratifying consequences. The whole industry is slowly leaving the price competition period. The high value-added and high-tech products are becoming the focus competitiveness of dry equipment backbone enterprises. This also means that the industry's integration measures are accelerating, through the process of technical competition, the combination of strong and strong, the survival of the fittest, the outside industry has cultivated some powerful large enterprise groups, which cannot be achieved.

At present, China's spray dryer has not yet formed an import range, and the import volume is still less than 5% of the total, and it is mainly sold to Southeast Asia. However, according to the power giant's speculation, following the growth of skills, the proportion of China's imported spray dryer in total production will increase from 5% to 10% in the next few years, and the domestic market will also expand from Southeast Asia to Taixi.

According to speculation, in the next few years, China's spray dryer needs to increase significantly in the following areas. In the category of food drying, small spray dryer for rice and wheat drying (5 tons/hour is as follows), the annual demand is expected to reach 1,000 units; the annual demand for chemical drying equipment will reach 3,000 units (sets) Your Excellency; the annual demand for spray dryer for pharmaceuticals will reach 3,000 units (sets); the annual demand for drying products for agricultural and forestry products will reach 2,000 units (sets); the annual demand for light industrial drying equipment will reach 2000. Taiwan (set) lord.

In the example of spray dryer, hot air heating atmospheric pressure spray dryer and vacuum spray dryer will be mainly used. The requirements for special categories such as far-infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, etc. will gradually increase; in terms of food and medicine drying, the demand for larger-scale vacuum freeze-spray dryer will increase, with a combination of functions (such as The equipment requirements for granulation-drying, drying-filtration will also increase; high-automatic spray dryer will be welcomed in some applications.

As far as the domestic market is concerned, because China's spray dryer industry has begun to enter a more mature stage of growth, it has been able to better satisfy the actual needs of users in various categories, and at the price as long as 1/3 of the foreign products are the same, which makes China's spray dryer In the market competition, it has a significant price advantage over imported equipment; on the other hand, because of the large size of spray dryer, most of them also touch on the field equipment, commissioning and after-sales service, etc. It is more convenient to use imported equipment.

As far as the domestic market is concerned, the important import types of dry equipment in China are vacuum spray dryer, vibration spray dryer, small and medium-sized food, food and agricultural and forestry products, and the annual import volume spans 200 units. The important areas of import are Southeast Asia and other growth. China, and began to expand to the Taixi market.

In the domestic competition, the important competitors of China's dry equipment production enterprises are enterprises in Denmark, Switzerland, Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan. Compared with competitors, the advantage of China's spray dryer is low price, but the product's automatic control level, surface quality, completeness and combination of functions still need further progress.

The types of spray dryer in China are increasing day by day, the scope of application continues to expand, the product level and quality are progressing agilely, and the market competitiveness continues to strengthen. In particular, the Chinese authorities have introduced various coherent policies to support the import of products, and invented excellent internal premise for the domestic spray dryer enterprises, which all note that China's drying equipment has a promising future.