Spray drying of fine powder solution and advantage

- Jul 21, 2018-

Spray drying of fine powder has a fast drying speed during the operation, and its surface is enlarged after being atomized. When it is used, it will directly contact with hot air, and then the product quality is good. When it is prepared, it can be quickly dissolved and recovered. Good sex, and can maintain the original color, aroma, taste of food, less nutrient loss.

Single stage spray drying systems are generally available in one or more stages and are integrated directly with fluidized bed processing when used, typically providing a fluidized bed system for post drying, agglomeration, conditioning and cooling. The spray drying system can be evaporated from a pilot scale to 20,000 kg/hr.

Spray drying of fine powder is generally the most common and flexible solution for a full range of products in the dry food and chemical industries. It is effective in atomizing liquid raw materials into small droplets to convert them into dryness during operation. Free flowing powder. The main method of atomization is a centrifugal rotating wheel or a hydraulic high pressure nozzle. The final product produced has an average particle size ranging from 25 to 100 microns.

Spray drying of fine powder is equipped with a proprietary hot gas distributor, which ensures optimum contact with the drying medium in the drying chamber to a certain extent. The liquid feed is dried in a drying chamber into a fine powder and discharged from the bottom of the cone or with the exhaust gas to a main separator, cyclone or dust filter. Drying configurations are primarily co-current, but can be provided in other configurations depending on the application. For products that are heat sensitive and difficult to dry, integrated cooling of the tank, roof and hot gas distributor is provided.