The development trend of spray drying equipment

- Aug 03, 2020-

At present, the number and scale of production in the spray drying industry in China are gradually increasing. The main production companies are pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, etc., but companies still need to conduct research and adjustments in accordance with the requirements of good quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection Product structure can meet production demand.

  From the development direction of spray drying equipment in recent years, there are mainly the following trends:

   1. The comprehensive application of several heat transfer forms makes it possible to use the advantages of each heat transfer form in different stages of spray drying, and make the equipment energy use reasonable.

  2. Large-scale equipment. Different productions have different economic scales, and equipment amplification technology can achieve large-scale production. Therefore, large-scale equipment research is one of the future development directions.

   3. Specialization of equipment. Spray drying equipment is non-standard equipment, which is well known to everyone. The main reason for non-standard equipment is that the physical properties of the processed materials and product requirements vary greatly. Therefore, the design of the spray drying equipment can play its role. Both technology and economy are of great significance.

   4. The development of multi-stage and combined spray drying systems. Different types of drying equipment can be applied to different materials or different spray drying stages of materials. Combined spray drying can optimize the spray drying process and make the spray drying system reasonable.

   5. Multifunctional equipment. The current spray drying equipment is not limited to spray drying operations. Sometimes crushing, classification, and heating reactions are combined in one machine, which greatly shortens the production process and makes the equipment multi-functional.