The importance of Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer in pharmaceutical industry is increasing gradually

- Mar 16, 2019-

At present, China's Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer industry has begun to enter a more mature stage of development, although there is still a gap with developed countries, but in general, the prospects of enterprises producing Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer are very considerable. According to the current development of domestic industry, the domestic Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer industry will catch up in the next few years.

The achievements of modern drying technology in China are the result of the joint efforts of Chinese scholars and enterprises. Although the achievements are gratifying, the research lacks financial support, and many achievements have not yet been transformed into productivity, so that the products of enterprises can not be updated. In order to accelerate the development of modern drying technology in China, it is necessary for researchers to work harder and the market of drying technology should be more orderly. Standardization of competition.

In order to improve drying technology, comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation should be carried out, and renewable energy industry should be vigorously developed and applied.