The importance of centrifugal spray drying machine in actual production

- Jun 08, 2018-

The importance of centrifugal spray drying machine in actual production. Now most of the industrial products are inseparable from drying process. When the material reaches a certain moisture content, it can be processed. When we choose the drying method, we must take into account the quality of the product and the energy saving, because excessive drying is a serious waste, and more likely to affect the quality of the product.

When the heat sensitive material is dry, the drying time and temperature will seriously affect the thermal degradation of the product. Thermal drying is a very important stage in the manufacture of pigment and dye, so when we choose the drying equipment, it is best to choose centrifugal spray drying machine. Pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals are also inseparable from drying. They usually need to be dried before packing.

After investigation, the demand for dryer is the biggest in all industries, because drying cylinders can dry paper very well. The demand for dry equipment in different industries is different. The drying equipment for paper is to control the temperature and humidity accurately. It is necessary to retain the fragrance and nutrition value for the food drying. The humidity control must be paid to the drying of the ceramics so as to avoid the surface surface of the ceramics.

The drying of the material is not to say that the moisture in the material should be dried all the way to dry. The product after drying can be stored as long as it can be stored conveniently. We must first determine the final wet content of the material to dry and avoid excessive drying. Many water absorption materials will shrink in the dry time, the degree of contraction is changed with the change of wet content, so we can avoid the appearance of shell and crack in the drying process by the amount of wet.