The main use of closed loop spray dryer

- Jul 11, 2018-

The closed-loop spray dryer has a broad spectrum of applicability to all solutions, such as emulsions and suspensions, and is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials, because the material being sprayed is only subjected to high temperatures when sprayed into mist-sized particles. Therefore, it is only heated in an instant to keep the active materials intact after drying.


The components of the closed-loop spray dryer are integrally formed, so they are more corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. They are equipped with high-quality material nozzles for higher processing efficiency. Because the closed-loop spray dryer uses a full-color touch LCD large-screen operation, the parameter process Real-time display, automatic and manual operation modes can be realized.


Closed-loop spray dryer (just press the stop button when shutting down, the fan will stop cooling for a long time, protect the equipment from burning due to misoperation, and it is safer. When dealing with sticky materials, closed-loop spray dryer ( A special nozzle cleaner is provided and will be automatically removed.


Closed-loop spray dryer (dry temperature control design adopts real-time regulation PID constant temperature control technology to make temperature control in the whole temperature zone accurate, heating temperature control accuracy ±1 °C; finished dry powder after drying, the particle size is more uniform, 95% The above dry powder is in the same particle size range.