The unique advantages of fine powder dryer

- Aug 04, 2018-

The unique advantages of the fine powder dryer are the high-speed crushing device installed at the bottom and the adjustable classifier at the top, so that the nano-fine powder dryer has stronger crushing and dispersing ability, which is very suitable for drying ultra-fine materials. When the material enters the machine, it is subjected to high-speed pulverization, and the collision and friction pulverization between the materials are greatly enhanced, which greatly increases the surface area of evaporation, so the drying heat efficiency is high, the energy saving is remarkable, and the drying is uniform.

The top of the fine powder dryer has a debugable classifier, which can conveniently control the particle size of the product during operation. By rotating the classification device during operation, the dry material (large specific gravity) and the granular material can be directly reduced. The pulverizing section continues to be pulverized and dried, and the dry fine powder is collected by a classifier under the action of the induced wind. By changing the speed of the classifier.

The fine powder drying machine has no coking discoloration phenomenon, and the heat sensitive material does not directly contact the hot surface in the high temperature region at the bottom of the dryer. And equipped with special equipment to solve the problem of coking discoloration of heat sensitive materials. The machine has a low height and a small footprint. Negative pressure operation, no environmental pollution.