The use of Herbal Extracted Material Spray dryer advantage

- Jun 08, 2018-

The herbal extract spray dryer is mainly used to solve the traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extract spray dryer, to a certain extent, mainly to solve the material in the original LPG high-speed spray dryer in Chinese herbal extract drying appeared The following conditions:

1. The material sticks to the wall and the powder collection rate is low;

2, the material stays on the wall for a long time, resulting in coking and metamorphic phenomenon of the material

3, difficult to clean, does not meet the GMP requirements;

4, low output: LPG-150 spray dryer, the output can only handle 50-60kg / h feed liquid.


The Chinese Herbal Extract spray dryer is to a certain extent mainly used three-stage air purification, so that the intake air can reach its 300,000 class requirements. The entire equipment adopts a cold wall device, so that the internal wall temperature can reach 80 °C, the material stays on the wall without coking, and the entire volume is 3.5 times that of the original LPG standard centrifugal spray.

The Chinese medicine extract spray dryer has adopted a quick opening and rinsing device to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it is mainly applicable to the production requirements of multiple varieties. In the operation, dust is removed by using wet dust, so that the dust does not go out and meets the requirements of environmental protection. Air sweep device, its effect is more satisfactory. The Chinese medicine extract spray dryer mainly adopts PLC control, and the program control system screen shows that during the operation process, the apparatus can be equipped with a flushing device. In operation, it can be configured to adopt a dry air sealed and closed conveyor.


Characteristics of Chinese Herbal Extract Spray Dryer

1, the tower body has a cold wind jacket;

2. The tower body is equipped with automatic rapping device;

3. The tower body and pipelines are equipped with quick opening cleaning holes and drain holes;

4, can be equipped with automatic control thermostatic feeding tank;

5, can be equipped with manual high pressure washing tower random accessories;