These factors may affect the drying effect of the dryer

- Mar 30, 2019-

When we use the dryer, the most important thing is its drying effect. If the drying effect of the dryer does not meet the requirements in our mind, it will affect the normal work. So the dryer for the drying effect is very high, we should also pay attention to whether it will affect the drying effect in peacetime.

The factors affecting the drying effect of the dryer and the operating pressure of the dryer in many drying equipment, when other conditions remain unchanged, the drying capacity of the dryer is basically proportional to the change of hot air temperature. When choosing drying equipment, we must have sufficient data on the limit temperature of destroyed materials. When materials permit, we should choose high temperature medium as far as possible.

Capillary porous colloidal materials have the properties of the above two kinds of materials, such as mud, clay, wood, fabrics, cereals, leather and so on. However, the water binding forms of these materials are also different, which determines the difficulty of dewatering under the same conditions. The working wet material of dryer can be divided into capillary porous material. Water is mainly combined with capillary force in the material. The osmotic combination form of water and material is dominant, such as glue, flour dough, etc. This kind of material generally shows high viscosity, the combination strength of water and material is larger, and drying is more difficult, which will affect the production capacity.

The heat energy consumed by one kilogram of drying and dewatering machine is basically the same, and the capacity of the heat source (hot air, steam radiator, etc.) matched by the dryer is also certain, so the main technical index of the dryer - drying capacity is often based on the amount of dewatering per hour (or the maximum amount of dewatering). This index is determined under certain conditions, such as wet material type, initial moisture content, final moisture content, hot air temperature, environmental temperature and humidity, etc.

As long as one of the conditions changes, it will have an impact on the dryer production capacity, sometimes greater impact. The shape, moisture content, water content, crystalline water, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, thermal sensitivity, softening point, phase transition point, thixotropy, toxicity, corrosiveness, odor, flammability, explosiveness, electrostatic, permeability, aggregation, and crushing of crystals or particles all affect the drying effect.

The operating pressure of rotary dryer: the pressure difference in the tower affects the stability of operation, the size of dust amount in the operating environment and the consumption of products, the positive pressure operation and the large amount of dust. The whole set of equipment should be operated under the condition of micro-negative pressure. Specifically, the inlet air pressure is 5 mm water column, so that the whole system can operate under the condition of negative pressure. Basically, the operating environment is free of product dust and the adjacent ammonia can be guaranteed. The yield of benzoic acid is higher.

The selection of outlet temperature of rotary dryer depends entirely on the final water content requirement of the product. The outlet temperature of drying medium is generally measured by actual measurement. The outlet temperature is an important parameter in the process of rotary flash evaporation, which varies with the inlet temperature and drying process. With the increase of export temperature, product moisture decreases, energy consumption rises and export temperature is too high, some products will sublimate. In addition, the bag of pulse bag filter is easy to be damaged. The production test shows that the moisture content of o-aminobenzoic acid product is less than 0.5 when the outlet temperature of drying medium is 60 C. Therefore, the outlet temperature is 60-65 C.

You should all know what factors will affect the drying effect of the dryer, if not clear, then find their own solutions.