Use of centrifugal spray dryer

- Aug 14, 2020-

Centrifugal spray drying is a widely used technology to produce a wide range of industrial powder. For example, Nestlé has a large amount of products, such as infant formula and pure instant coffee (Nestlé) produced by spray drying. The goal for this powder manufacturer is to ensure that the obtained particles have good mechanical stability, avoid damage during transportation, the purpose of powder packaging and dosage, and the easy density of product rehydration (good "instant" properties).   

However, the particles produced by a simple centrifugal spray dryer can be smaller than 50μm in diameter, resulting in poor fluidity and slow reconstitution or rehydration during lump formation. Therefore, it is usually necessary to increase the size of the particles and modify the particle structure to improve the quality of the powder, such as further agglomeration.