Vacuum belt dryer is simple and easy to operate

- May 03, 2018-

For most of the natural product extracts, it can be applied. Especially for materials with high viscosity, easy to clump, thermoplastic, and heat-sensitive materials, it is not suitable or can not use spray drying. Belt vacuum dryer is the best choice. Moreover, the concentrated extract can be directly sent to the belt vacuum dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the amount of the final product to be taken and improve the product grade. During the whole drying process, the product is in a vacuum and closed environment. The drying process is mild (product temperature is 40-60°C). For natural extract products, it can maintain its color, aroma and taste to the maximum, and obtain high-quality final products. The belt type vacuum dryer can carry out complete CIP cleaning in place. The CIP cleaning can be conveniently performed between batch and batch, products and products, which makes the replacement of products very convenient and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Ensure the quality of the product.

1, the material can control its operating status and operating speed

2. The feed pump can control its running status and feeding speed separately

3, cloth motor fabric angle, running speed can be adjusted steplessly

4. Vacuum system uses multi-stage Roots water ring vacuum pump unit

5, temperature control using regulating valve and digital sensor control technology to ensure that each section of the heating temperature and temperature operation

6, automatic correction system, the use of closed-loop control to ensure that when the strip away from the center position is not greater than ± 0.5cm

7, the historical trend interface can save the user during the operation or after the end of the data (temperature pressure, etc.) and alarm records, to facilitate the user at any time to observe the equipment operation history data and to meet the user to print or fill out the report.

8. The signal alarm interface can monitor and display the various faults in the system operation at any time, indicating the cause of the fault and the solutions. So as to ensure the stability of the system operation and self-diagnosis function, vacuum belt dryer to ensure the life of the hardware.

9. The interface usage authority ensures the safety and stability of the operation to a greater extent, and avoids non-operating personnel from interfering with the operation status of the device.

10, the entire Chinese operating interface, with a friendly and vivid visual image and graphical representation of equipment operation, vacuum belt dryer operation is simple and clear.