Washing powder spray dryer preparation and start-up operation

- Sep 15, 2018-

In the preparation of the washing powder spray dryer, the material to be treated is usually thoroughly emulsified and homogenized and passed through an 80 mesh screen, and placed in a stainless steel bucket for use. In addition, a bucket of tap water is used to clean the atomizer and the spray chamber. Install the material of the peristaltic pump and clamp it. The front of the feed port is fastened with 8 nuts, and placed in the bucket for use.


Next, complete the corresponding inspection work of the washing powder spray dryer to ensure that it can be used normally. After confirming, press the switch of the dehumidifier, close the air relay switch of the spray dryer, adjust the air pressure of the air compressor to 0.25Mpa, turn the red emergency stop button clockwise, open the LCD operation screen, wait for the 15S to automatically enter the operation interface, and Set the process parameters.


After setting various process parameters of the washing powder spray dryer, open the induced draft fan, dehumidifier and electric heating to preheat the system. When the set temperature is reached and the temperature is relatively stable, open the atomizer for creeping feeding. The atomization and the temperature of the outlet were observed while spraying. Note that the wind temperature should always be observed and the optimum material flow rate adjusted.http://www.csspraydryer.com/