Why is the country paying so much attention to the dry industry

- Jun 04, 2018-

Why does the country pay so much attention to the dry industry? Drying actually came out very early, but until now, drying equipment will often meet in industry, although from the history of development, drying technology is very perfect, but in fact, drying technology needs to carry out a lot of research and development, even the country also very pays attention to the dry industry.

In order to estimate the importance of the drying industry, we have collected a lot of relevant data and found that the amount of research and development activities in the field of drying exceeds the sum of the amount of R&D activities in other areas. Therefore, it can be said that the research and development of drying equipment will now be and will be an economically attractive and economically valuable field in the future. Finally, for the whole field of drying equipment, we found that the pulp drying, spray drying and freeze drying are the most active fields for the inventors to apply for the patent, while the study on the co production of bio organic fertilizer by alcohol and yeast fermentation wastewater is rather cold.Wuxi Changsheng dryer factory is particularly good at this kind of drying.

Twenty-first Century will be the century of invention driving the world economy. Investment in research is often considered as a venture capital, but practice has proved that investment in research and development has already brought at least 30% of the benefits to society.

Research shows that private sector and academic research and development pay much more dividends than government funded research. Naturally, the research and development of drying equipment must be short and targeted at specific products and processes. The basic research that often becomes a breakthrough technique cradle is best carried out in the academic circle, because the period of the study is long, the application direction is uncertain, and the investment is effective.

It is well known that government funded research has produced basic technologies, such as transistors, semiconductor devices, satellite communications, and the Internet, and that the output and potential effects of such research results are unforeseeable in the beginning of such research. Funding agencies should be committed to developing outstanding research results from a wide range of cutting-edge fields. Funding for researchers should not be linked to specific projects, but should allow the market to choose research projects and research areas.