Widely used

- May 03, 2018-

With the development of production technology, more and more drying equipments have emerged, and artificially controllable heat sources and mechanical ventilation and dehumidification methods have gradually replaced ancient methods and their effects have become increasingly prominent.

The advantages of vacuum drying:

Low oxygen content when drying under low pressure can prevent oxidation and deterioration of the material to be dried. It can dry dangerous materials that are flammable and explosive. It can vaporize the moisture in materials at low temperature, and it is easy to dry heat-sensitive materials. It can recover the materials that are being dried. Valuable and useful ingredients; can prevent the release of toxic and hazardous substances from the dried material and can be an environmentally friendly type of "green" drying. Therefore, vacuum drying equipment is increasingly used.

1.Rectangular body studio, to maximize the effective volume, microcomputer temperature controller, accurate and reliable temperature control.

2. Toughened, bullet-proof double glass doors observe objects in the work chamber at a glance and can be filled with inert gas.

3. The door is closed and tightly adjustable, and the integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ensures high vacuum inside the box.

4. The studio is made of polished stainless steel mirror to ensure the product is durable.

5. Storage, heating, testing, and drying are performed in the absence of oxygen or in an atmosphere filled with inert gas, so they do not oxidize.

6. The shortest heating time, compared with the traditional vacuum drying oven, heating time reduced by more than 50%.